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joheffey replied to a discussion
Too many to name over the last 18 months on this forum mate, but hey free speech and all that. I'm not posting on this any more. more important things to worry about in life. UTA. Do and say whatever makes you happy. See you all tomorrow.
joheffey replied to a discussion
You could have asked anyone in the ground during the course of the last few weeks and they would have been able to tell you or get you a form. It is not that difficult. As I said in my earlier comment on this subject take some personal accountability and common sense. Also I do not drink and I go into the club regularly for a diet coke and to see the fans, players, management, directors etc and to ask questions face to face rather than post crap on here.
joheffey replied to a discussion
Guys, as the event was approaching did nobody think to enquire about the voting if you had not seen the slips? For those who don't go into the club would it have been difficult to ask about it before the eve of the awards night? Most people are online and it would have taken no time to ask the question or would that have been too much effort? Be proactive. There is enough work at the club that needs to be done without people having to spoon feed. Okay so there were no slips on the gate or the programme but I am sure anyone on the ground would have been able to tell you where they were or would have gone into the club and got you a slip! The guys have worked hard to put this together as it is. Nobody else could be bothered to do it so if you cant be proactive in asking before the actual date then please don't moan. I am unlikely to be attending due to personal circumstances but would like to whole heartedly thank Matt and Trevor for organising this night of entertainment especially as it is free of charge too to all supporters. A lot of work has gone into it and it is appreciated. Thanks chaps. Take some personal ownership people!
joheffey replied to a discussion
hope you are doing okay Derek. Looking forward to seeing you back where you belong next season. Take care hun xxxxx
joheffey replied to a discussion
question to the albion tea hut poster. Would love to know why you are staying away. this is not a criticism or a dig. Its a genuine question. Is there a reason? What has made your decision. Just curious.
joheffey created a new discussion
Well everyone 2 weeks left until close season. Moving away from some of the bickering and opinion clashes on here, lets put some of that energy into the maintenance that is needed at the stadium. Who is up for some painting and general ground upkeep? We really need some fresh help this year. Any volunteers? Not asking for every weekend but any help is appreciated so if you can pick up a paint brush for a couple of hours that will be great.
joheffey replied to a discussion
considering I am missing the trip to gresley my horse has got to be "drop out Joe" ha ha


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