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damage replied to a discussion
All witton fans get yourself down tomorrow and bring the family and your mates. We want the noise ramped up. The boys are relaxed and ready UTA
damage replied to a discussion
We'll todays the day the boys need All witons support as we go after the holy grail.we have chased all season and the lads have done well to close the gap. Anybody who can get there get there the boys a bussing and up for it but we need that 12th man to help get over the line .COME On WITTON UTA
damage replied to a discussion
The players believe they can do it and are putting in the hard work to achieve what they believe in .remember these boys are part time and a credit to the club .we are a unit and together as team .we should all have the same objectives.this is a forum and free speech but we dont need in house arguing the lads need to see unity especially at this critical time UTA
damage created a new discussion
Things didnt go acording to plan the other night. And all the lads were total and fed up. they have put 110% in all season and want to win every game .and they believe they will still win the league the witton way (the hard way)these lads work all day and give everything in every game to the cause.they will win it as they all believe and the management have to pick them up as they are downbeat .but these lads are fighters a shame some others dont shown the same desire the lads need backing.if they read some of these comments it not good for moral everybody is free to speak but there is a time and place and we need to all be one UTA

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